45th Anniversary Speech Day

日期: 18/11/2023

Hong Kong Chinese Women’s Club College
45th Anniversary Speech Day


Amidst the reconstruction of our school hall, the 45th Anniversary Speech Day took place at The HKCWC Hioe Tjo Yoeng Primary School on 18 November 2023. Honorable guests, graduates, teachers and parents were all gathered on this momentous occasion in celebration of the remarkable achievements of our graduates.


After the flag raising ceremony, our school supervisor, Dr. Man Yee Fun Evelyn, gave the crowd a warm welcome. Dr Man reminded us of the utmost importance of humility and gratitude in our lifelong pursuit of success. Afterwards, our principal, Mr. Yeung Chi Keung, presented the school report, highlighting our school’s accomplishment throughout the year.


We were delighted to be joined by our guest of honour, Professor Ko Ho Owen. Once a student at our school, Professor Ko now bears the titles of Assistant Dean of the Faculty of Medicine of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Associate Professor in the Department of Medicine and Therapeutics and Ten Outstanding Young Persons 2023. By sharing with us the inspiring stories of two Hong Kong medical elites, Prof. Kan Yuet Wai and Prof. Dennis Lo, he stressed that challenges can be overcome by perseverance, curiosity and dedication.


Professor Ko also reassured graduates who were facing uncertainties that all of us can contribute to the betterment of the world, regardless of which future path we follow. 


The wonderful speeches were followed by presentation of certificates. In great symbolism, Professor Ko wholeheartedly congratulated our sharply dressed graduates. Then, proud recipients of various prizes stepped forward one by one, receiving their awards and recognition from the crowd.


In the Vote of Thanks, the representative of the Class of 2022 contributed their growth to their teachers and parents and recalled the wonderful memories shared by the students. The graduating class also looked forward to an even more nourishing learning environment after the reconstruction of the school building.


This year’s Outstanding Alumni Award went to Mr. Li Ho, an up-and-coming local director. His critically acclaimed work, Lost Pearl, has won numerous awards. Long-service awards were then presented to teachers who have dedicated their lives in enlightening thousands of students. In addition, generous donations were made by various alumni, showing the everlasting bond between them and their alma mater. 


The wonderful Saturday afternoon reached its pinnacle with a heartwarming finale as the crowd rejoiced in singing the school song together. The ceremony provided a fitting conclusion to the graduates; secondary school journey, leaving an indelible imprint on their memories and paving the way for the promising adventures that lie ahead.


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