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Year End Message

Date: 12/08/2022

Good morning teachers and students.


In the blink of an eye we have reached the end of yet another school year. As we look back, I hope that you can identify ways in which you have grown, changed, and seen more of the world around you. We experienced difficulties, uncertainties and great pressure caused. I am proud of you all for striving to do your best through every high and low, and for being compassionate and diligent members of the school community through another extremely difficult year. Even though we have not seen each other in person as much as we may have liked to, I trust that the bonds you have formed with your teachers and peers are no weaker, and that you have found rising to the challenges of life a little easier when doing so alongside each other.


The Groundbreaking Ceremony of the School Redevelopment Project was held last Saturday. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all teachers and staff, student MC, performers and all student helpers. The Ceremony marked the commencement of the NOVA project. I hope it will go smoothly and finish as scheduled.


The summer holiday will begin soon. Although it is much shorter than what we are used to, I hope you will make good use of it, to get some rest and recharge yourself in these next couple of weeks. In this school year, the learning progress was seriously affected by the suspension of face-to-face classes. The School has decided to arrange whole-day classes in the new school year.


After this school year, some teachers will leave us because of retirement, further studies or other personal reasons. Some of them served the school for many years. I would like to thank for their contribution to the school. I wish them healthy and every success in the future. Lastly, thank you for your support for the school. I look forward to seeing you soon in September. Wish you good health. Thank you.

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