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Speech in Graduation Activity

Date: 15/07/2021

Good evening teachers and S.6 students.


Thank you very much for inviting me to join this memorable event tonight. This is the very first time we have held a graduation activity in the school hall. Although no delicious food will be served tonight, I’m sure that all of you will take many happy memories with you as you leave the hall. These six years, you have grown up with laughter and tears in HKCWCC. Do you still remember the happy moments with your friends and teachers? Days like Life-wide Learning Days, Lunch-time Concert, etc. These memories will surely stay in your heart forever and support you during future rainy days.


Next Wednesday, you are going to receive your DSE results. Some of you may further your studies in Hong Kong. But some of you may pursue your dreams in China or overseas. As I said before, the paths ahead of you are full of uncertainties and challenges. No one can guarantee you success. But I do believe that success will always fall in the hands of those who are well-prepared, adaptable and resilient. If you get good results, congratulations. It may offer you an easier path in the next four years. But it does not guarantee you everlasting success. If your DSE results are not as good as you wished for, don’t give up. Academic results determine the starting point of the next chapter of journey. But it does not govern your overall success and the contributions you can make in the future.


HKCWCC is not just your alma mater. It is also a place where you can find the support you need, and a place where you can always share your happiness and sadness with your beloved teachers and classmates. No matter how big the challenges of the future are, I am confident that we can deal with them if we stay connected.


Once again, thank you. I would like to express my sincere thanks to the Organising Committee of the Graduation Class Activities, the teachers-in-charge and all S.6 Class Teachers. Wish you all good health and success in the DSE exams.

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