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School Year Commencement Message

Date: 01/09/2020

Good morning teachers and students.

Unlike all ‘first days of school’ in the past, today – the commencement of school year 2020-2021 – is unprecedented and extraordinary. Hong Kong faced unprecedented challenges in the last school year. Due to social incidents and the outbreak of coronavirus, all schools suspended for several months, changing our habits and ways of living. Most of the time, we stayed at home, learned at home, ate at home and did exercise at home. These also offered us a chance to review our life goals. What are your priorities in life? What do you treasure most? Money, health, family, jobs, joy, love? The pandemic reminded us that we should not take what we have for granted. We should stay healthy by implementing good living habits. Having learned to treasure moments of being in a classroom with teachers and friends, we should be serious and diligent when this mode of learning is allowed, and treasure every chance when you meet your friends, classmates and teachers. Most of all, we should extend support and care to our family members and loved ones, and stay strong together.

School will be suspended for some more time because of the pandemic. In order to keep learning, starting from 3rd September, online classes will be held in the morning on weekdays. Please attend the classes punctually. Be serious and respond to your teachers attentively and promptly.

There are two new teachers joining our teaching team. The first one is Mr. Chung On Ping. He mainly teaches Mathematics in this year. The second one is Miss Siu Ka Man. She will teach Chinese Language and Chinese History.  Although the HKDSE examinations were affected by COVID-19, the results of our S.6 graduates were very good. The average passing rate was 100% and nearly 90% of graduates attained the minimum university admission requirement. The average percentage of Level 4 or above was 73.5%. One of our students got four 5** and one 5*, and one student got three 5** and four 5*.  Regarding the JUPAS offers, 95% of our graduates obtained an offer from JUPAS and 85% of graduates got a degree offer.  

The educational theme of our school in 2020-2021 is “Soaring High with Love, Passion and Integrity”. A series of programmes will be run for you. It is our wish that you can fly high and pursue your dreams and passions with love and integrity in this school year.

Hoping to see you all again soon on campus when the pandemic is over, and thank you very much.

Postal address : 2B Tai Cheong Street, Sai Wan Ho, Hong Kong E-mail : school@hkcwcc.edu.hk Tel : (852) 2568-4817 Fax : (852) 2568-0336