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School Year Commencement Message

Date: 03/09/2018

Good morning everyone,

Welcome you all back to school!

We all had a long summer holiday and I believe you have made good use of your time to equip yourselves to face challenges in the new academic year. I would like to express my gratitude to teachers for giving supplementary lessons and organising study tours during the summer vacation. Special thanks to teachers, students, parents and voluntary helpers who helped the flag selling for the HKCWC on 1st September, last Saturday, which was a rainy day. I would also thank the janitors for their hard work for tidying up the school premises after the construction and repair works in the vacation period.

During the vacation, we received two pieces of good news, which you might have seen on our school website. First, four Physics students, one of the Hong Kong school teams, led by our Vice-Principal Mr. Yeung, participated in 2018 World GreenMech Contest in Taiwan and they got the Silver Award in the senior secondary section. Congratulations!

Second, our 1988 F.7 graduate Dr. TSE Tak Sun was awarded the 16th World Outstanding Chinese Award at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre on 26 August 2018. He invited his secondary school teachers to attend this grand award ceremony. Not only is Dr. Tse’s achievement the pride of HKCWCC, but his thankfulness to teachers also serves as your role model. Congratulations to Dr. Tse!

This year we have two new teachers: our English teacher, Mr. NG and our Visual Arts and Chinese teacher, Miss FONG. We also have three new non-teaching staff, our learning support assistant Mr. CHAN, IT assistant Mr. PUN and Chinese teaching assistant Miss CHEUNG. I would like you all to respect and co-operate with them.

Statistics show that about 90% of our S.6 graduates received JUPAS offers this year. Five students were admitted into Medicine Degree Courses, two offered by HKU and three by CU. Besides this, many of our graduates have been accepted to take professional and competitive degree courses like Law, Accounting, Engineering, Global Business and Quantitative Finance. Actually most of them are very diligent and have been working very hard in their studies.

This year, our education theme is “Advancing into a new era with knowledge and perseverance”. As you know, the academic year 2018 – 2019 is also the fortieth anniversary year of our school. At the commencement of this new school year, I would like you to set your goals following the guideline of our school motto “Knowledge and Perseverance”. Do aim high and strive for excellence and improvement in your academic performance. Learn to be polite, responsible and committed. Always mind your learning attitude. Never give up when you face difficulties.

At the start of the fortieth anniversary year, we need to thank our predecessors, the former Supervisors: Mrs. Leong and Mrs. Lau, the former Principals: our late Mr. Choi, Mr. Sun and Mrs. Wong, the former school managers, ex-teachers and alumni, who set a good foundation for the school. I also pay tribute to the late teachers and staff for their contribution to the school. Without the dedicated effort of our predecessors and school community, our school could not have so many remarkable achievements. This year, we will launch a lot of celebration programmes such as a parade on the annual speech day, Walkathon involving all levels of students, Open Day and a variety show having musical performance. We want to unite our parents and alumni, as well as our students and teachers to celebrate this big event. This morning, we have the pleasure of having our four founding teachers here, Mrs. Chan, Mrs. Chung, Mrs. Kong and Mr. Hung, our PTA President Ms. Luk, and the Chairman of our Alumni Association Mr. Cheung. Thanks for their coming and presence at our launching ceremony. This year will be a memorable one for us and I hope you will all treasure this golden year and take an active part in all the celebration programmes.

In closing, may I wish everyone a fruitful and successful 40th anniversary school year!

Thank you.

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