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School Year Commencement Message

Date: 06/09/2023

Good morning, teachers and students,


It is great to see you all at the beginning of a new school year. Today, I would like to kickstart the school year with our yearly goal-setting practice, “My pledge to act”. As with last year, the theme centres on “Be Grateful and Treasure What We Have, Stay Positive and Optimistic” and the sub-theme remains “Think from Others’ Perspectives, Foster Harmony and Be Respectful”. Indeed, this occasion itself, where we can all gather on our campus to share this moment, is something to be grateful for and treasure. 


I am glad to see that many of you look refreshed, energetic and happy after the summer break. Even though the school year may present challenges ahead, a good beginning is half the battle. So how can we win the other half? How can we stay positive after the thrill of a new beginning? Well, I would like to introduce to you the PERMA principles. If you still remember previous sharing by peer guiders, PERMA stands for Positive emotions, Engagement, Relationships, Meaning, and Accomplishment. Among these five elements, I would like to focus on the “R” in PERMA: Relationships. The connections we build with others play a vital role in creating a happy school life. The relationships that we build with our schoolmates and teachers can save us from negativity. A word of encouragement from your classmates could brighten a dark day. 


So how do we develop and maintain these relationships? One key element is to consider others' perspectives – to practice empathy. By trying to understand and appreciate the experiences and feelings of those around us, we gain a deeper understanding of their joys, struggles, and goals. Empathy enables us to show kindness, compassion, and form connections. That said, empathy does have its limits. Since everyone is different in their own ways, sometimes it is hard for us to really think from others’ perspectives. This is the time when Respect comes in. Respect forms the foundation of healthy relationships. It means treating others with dignity, valuing their opinions, and embracing our differences. When we approach one another with respect, we create an environment where everyone feels safe, included, and valued.


Therefore, I invite each of you to take a pledge today. Let us pledge to actively practice empathy, strive to understand others’ perspectives and nourish the relationships we share with our schoolmates and teachers. “Be Grateful and Treasure What We Have, Stay Positive and Optimistic; Think from Others’ Perspectives, Foster Harmony and Be Respectful”. These themes remind us that our actions matter. Every one of us has the power to create a harmonious school life so that we can all proudly sing “We are happy to be in Hong Kong CWCC”.


Thank you!

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