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School Year Commencement Message

Date: 01/09/2017

Good morning everyone,

Welcome back to school!

We all had a long summer holiday and I believe you have made good use of your time to equip yourselves to face challenges in the new academic year. I would like to express my gratitude to teachers for giving supplementary lessons and organising study tours during the summer vacation. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank the janitors for their hard work for tidying up the school premises after the construction and repair works. As some of the PA connections, which had been used for over 30 years, could not function properly, we installed a new PA system and several IP phones in August. The system can produce musical notes, which will replace the traditional bell ringing sound. I hope you can adapt to this change easily. As for the rules of using IP phones in classrooms, they will be announced later.

This year we have seven new teachers: three English teachers, Miss TSE, Mrs. LUI and Mr. MONG, Chinese and Chinese History teacher Miss YUNG, Chinese and Putonghua teacher Miss LAM, P.E. teacher Mr. LIU and Maths teacher Mr. LUN. Mr. LUN and Mr. MONG are the new teacher members of the Youth Red Cross and the Boy Scouts respectively. We also have one non-teaching staff, our new learning support assistant Miss WONG. I would like you all to respect and co-operate with them.

Statistics show that about 85% of our S.6 graduates received JUPAS offers this year. Many of them have been accepted to take professional and competitive degree courses like Medicine, Law, Accounting, Engineering, Global Business and Quantitative Finance. Actually most of them are very diligent and have been working very hard in their studies. At the commencement of this new school year, I would like you to set your goals both in your academic areas and personal development. Do aim high and strive for excellence and improvement in your academic performance. For personal development, learn to be polite, responsible and committed. Again, manage your time well so that you can strike a balance between your studies and your participation in extra-curricular and other learning activities.

As you know, Hong Kong was battered by the strong typhoon Hato last Wednesday and typhoon signal No. 10 was hoisted for 5 hours. More than 120 were injured as the city was lashed with hurricane-force winds and pounding rains. In Macau, Hato killed 10 people and more than 200 were injured. Severe flooding overwhelmed Macau. More than half the city was left without power and water for days. Many Macau residents complained that they failed to prepare adequately because of the delayed warnings. And people are questioning why Macau didn’t have the infrastructure to prevent much of the damage. The tragedy has also exposed crucial failing in the emergency services. From this, we learnt to be alert to emergencies and to consider contingency plans. We should always take a serious attitude and never underestimate any risky situation.

This year, our education theme is “Enhancing Students’ Learning Capacity and Commitment”. We will focus more on self-directed learning and the “reading to learn” programme. Do browse the school home page for the recommended book lists and websites of different subjects. Again, read more quality books and articles throughout this year. Let’s encourage each other and put the education theme into practice.

In closing, may I wish everyone a fruitful and successful school year!

Thank you.

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