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Principal’s Report at the 37th Annual Speech Day

Date: 03/12/2019

Guest of Honour Dr. Walton Li, Supervisor Ms. Lam, School Managers, Distinguished Guests, Parents, Teachers and Students, Good Afternoon.

It is our great honour to have Dr. Li officiate here at our ceremony today.

In 2018-2019, the school celebrated our 40th Anniversary with various events such as the Parade, Open Day and Variety Show. It was an enjoyable and memorable year. I still remember the amazing musical our students put on for the Variety Show held in July. You may not know this, but it was the first time our student actors performed in a musical. It was a great challenge to them and also to the school. After months of training, they finally put it on stage successfully and the show received enthusiastic applause. Another meaningful moment I want to share with you is the parade performed by our four uniformed groups last December. Led by our teachers, about 100 students took part in a parade to celebrate the birthday of the school. Their performance was well praised by all our guests. These events teach us that while facing various challenges every day we should not lose our faith.  As  our students have shown us, hand in hand, we can overcame all difficulties. And with the support of the IMC, former principals Mr. Wong and Mrs. Wong, teachers, parents and all our students, I am confident that we can successfully face the challenges ahead.

Today, we have 121 bright new stars before us. They will fly high and continue to pursue their dreams after their graduation from the school. I can guarantee that in the near future they will shine brightly in their chosen professions and serve the community with heart. I am proud of them and I have confidence in them because they have already done so well both academically and non-academically. The 2019 HKDSE results of our S.6 graduates were brilliant. The average passing rate was 99.8% and more than 96% of graduates attained the minimum university admission requirement (33222). The average percentage of Level 4 or above was nearly 80%. One of our students got six 5** and one 5*, one student got five 5** and one 5* and one student got five 5**.  Our graduates also obtained very promising JUPAS offers this year. Out of 121 graduates, 95% of them received an offer from JUPAS. This broke our school record. 76% of graduates got Bachelor Degree offers, and more than 60% of these degree offers were given by HKU, CUHK and HKUST. All these achievements were due to the efforts of former principal Mr. Wong and all our teachers, and the endless hard work of our S.6 graduates.

In line with the School Mission, we aim to produce all-rounded students and nurture within them a strong sense of responsibility towards the community. More than 70 educational activities in line with the year’s theme “Advancing into a New Era with Knowledge and Perseverance’ were held last year. For more detailed information you may refer to the Education Schedule printed in the Speech Day Bulletin. Service-learning was also promoted in the school and students were encouraged to participate in various community service schemes such as V2 & V-Care Programmes, CYC and Ming Yue elderly services.

Our students broadened their horizons through study tours and participation in various competitions. A 5-day Taiwan tour was organised to study the economy of Taipei and Yilan. Another tour to Shandong allowed students to experience and learn about the historical culture of Shandong and the art of Confucian thought. 

In 2018-2019, our S.6 students SIU Wing Yi and WONG Nga Wing were awarded the Sir Edward Youde Memorial Prize for their all-round development.  YAM Wing Yi from S.6 and NG Kai Ling from S.4 were honoured with the 2018-2019 Ten Outstanding Youths of the Eastern District Award.

More than 400 students won individual and group prizes in more than 50 external competitions last year. Our students performed excellently and won many prizes in various Mathematics competitions such as the Mathematics Olympiad and Hua Xia Cup Mathematics Competition. S.4 student Chan Cheuk Kwan won the Champion of Sing Yin Physics Olympiad. Four S.4 Physics students represented Hong Kong again to take part in the World GreenMech Contest held in Taiwan. A team of four S.5 BAFS students won the Championship and Best Business Proposal in the 2018/2019 HKICPA Accounting and Business Management Case Competition. If you’d like to learn more about the wonderful achievements of our students please refer to the Annual Report and Speech Day Bulletin.

After years of preparation, our Partial Redevelopment Project is now in its key stage. It was approved by the Eastern District Council in June 2019. The Education Bureau will also be putting our project on the agenda of the Hong Kong Legislative Council’s meetings in the next few months. If we make smooth progress, the work for the Project will begin next year.

Many people say Hong Kong is going through the most difficult of times now. I agree with that. But I believe that stars shine much brighter in darkness; by connecting the stars that all our graduates and students are, we can walk together hand in hand through these times, and bring light into the darkness. 

Thank you.

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