Michael Jordan Speaks - Lessons from the world’s greatest champion (4D21)

Date: 14/05/2019

Michael Jordan, a great basketball player, is one of the most recognized sports figures. If you are a basketball player, you will definitely know him. If you aren’t, you may still know him as he is not only a basketball player but also a businessman, actor. Moreover, his words and attitude are so influential and inspiring.

Good morning everyone I am Tin Tsz Yan from class 4D. I am going to share a book called Michael Jordan Speaks – Lessons from the World’s Greatest Champion’ . The book illustrates the message by quotes and stories of Michael Jordan. Some talks about his path to success and some talks about his personality. The quotes compiled in this book reveal Michael Jordan’s views on everything from sports and winning to love and family, to teamwork and individual initiative. As an NBA player, he was so confident and hardworking, that helped him to accomplish his goals. As a father, he loved his family. His attitude towards life or anything would not only be suitable to athletes, but also all of us. It’s important for us to stay motivated and confident so as to achieve our goals.

Jordan was a great player but it doesn’t mean that he never fails. He was not the best leader at first. His teammates thought that Jordan was the only one under the spotlight and they had no chances to shine. Jordan began to see himself as a player with the ability to influence others under his coach’s guidance. He worked so hard to become a good leader and to understand his teammates.

It’s easy for us to feel discouraged when we fail. We lose our confidence. Losing confidence in life is terrifying. It is almost impossible to succeed. Why? It’s because confidence spurs us to do better. The book is inspiring. No matter you are a basketball player or not, you should learn from his attitude. Instead of giving up, try harder and be better. Be determined, be tough, be hardworking. These are keys to success. Like what Jordan said, ‘If you run into a wall, don’t turn around and give up. Figure out how to climb it.’

This is the end of my sharing, thank you.

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