The Lego architect (1B05)

Date: 11/12/2018

Good morning, everyone. I am Kwong Yuet Yan Gabi from class 1B. Today, I am going to share a book with all of you. This book is called The Lego architect by Tom Alphin. Tom Alphin is a Lego architect. He wrote this book based on his own architectural exploration with Lego. In this book, photos of real buildings and Lego models which are created by talented artists will amazed you. You will also learn about the history of architecture.

This book introduces different styles in the Lego World. At the beginning, it is Neoclassical style. The second one is Prairie style. The third one is Art Deco style. The fourth one is Modernism style. The fifth one is Postmodern style and the last one is High-Tech style.

Now, let me talk more about the first and the last style. Neoclassical architecture emerged during a period of renewed interest in ancient Greek and Roman visual art, design, and literature. The style emphasizes symmetry and simplicity. Neoclassical architecture makes use of carved stone, which is for building walls and columns. Roofing materials are varied so they include shingles, terra-cotta or metal. The example of the Lego model is the New York Stock Exchange and the Menin Gate. They are all painted in natural colours.

Moreover, High-Tech style is the diverse architectural forms of the last 30 years and has become possible with the development of computer modeling software. Computer-aided design and high-tech fabrication methods allow architects to create buildings with shocking and abstract sculptural forms. High-Tech buildings employ a wide range of materials, including advanced plastics, machine-cut plywood, concrete and lots of glass and steel. Examples of Lego models are the Bank of China Tower and the HSBC building in Hong Kong.

At the end of this book, there is a builder’s guide. There are some tips for you to create your own Lego architecture easily. I highly recommended you all to read this book! Thank you.

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