Exploring Double Haven (4E01)

Date: 13/03/2018

Title: Exploring Double Haven

Author: Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department

Publisher: Cosmos Book Ltd

Good morning everyone, I am Chan Yin Yee Lydia from 4E.

Have you ever heard of a place called Double Haven (印洲塘) in Hong Kong? If not, I’d like to recommend you to read a book `Exploring Double Haven’ written by the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department.

Located in the North-eastern part of the New Territories, which is near the Plover Cove Country Park, Double Haven is the safest and the most quiet place in Hong Kong.

Starting with the Chinese Fengshui of Double Haven, the writer analyzes the environment and the natural landscape of Double Haven from local culture to the knowledge of geology and geography. In this book, The reader is taken on a geography and culture journey, they can learn the formation of Double Haven, know the beautiful landforms, the plant species and the culture of the villages nearby.

The book, Exploring Double Haven, is published in Chinese-English bilingual format, even if you are not really good at English, you can refer to the Chinese version of the book. Moreover, there are a lot of beautiful photos, diagrams, maps and tables included in the book, which can help the readers to grasp the environment of Double Heaven in detail. Take Mangroves and mudflat as an example. Mangroves and mudflat are landforms in Double Haven. To survive in the adverse mudflat environment, the mangrove species have developed their own adaptations. The book has mentioned the habitat adversities of mudflat and the solutions of the mangroves surviving in the mudflat to the problems in detail. For example, the soil of mudflat is loose and soft that offers poor support. In order to survive in the mudflat, mangroves develop prop roots, buttress roots and stilt roots for support and extend the roots in all directions to spread the weight of tree over larger area.

This book is a good-read for both Geography students and schoolmates who are really interested in Geography to learn some basic knowledge of the subject, such as the map-reading skills and the characteristics of the rocks. If you would like to know more about  Double Haven and you wish to learn some basic Geography knowledge, ‘Exploring Double Haven’ is your choice.

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