STEM Tour to London - BETT Show

Date: 20/02/2024

From January 19th to January 28th, five students who won a Merit award in the "do your :bit" challenge, represented the College to join the STEM tour to London, UK. One of the highlights of their trip was their participation in the BETT Show (the world's largest educational technology event), where they showcased their project, the Artificial Intelligence (AI) Recycling Bin, to visitors. They also met and interacted with students from local schools in London, as well as entrepreneurs and school teachers in the exhibition.


After the Show, students visited technological companies and institutions, and attended workshops in Microsoft Experience Center, the Institute of Engineering and Technology, British Computer Society, and the data center of the Bank of China. They also had a meaningful time to play VEX robotics with students at the North London Collegiate School.


At the weekends, students could experience the rich cultural heritage of the city by visiting renowned attractions such as Westminster Abbey, University of Oxford, Greenwich Observatory, National Maritime Museum, the British Museum and Natural History Museum. These visits not only offered them a glimpse into history and science but also provided a broader perspective by exposing students to learn about civilization, diverse cultures, and innovative ideas.


The STEM tour to London was a meaningful learning experience for the students, enabling students to gain exposure in company visits, engage in meaningful conversations with edtech entrepreneurs, and showcase their own interesting STEM project to a global audience.

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