Annual Athletic Meet (Final)

Date: 29/11/2022

Enthusiastic Students take part in the Annual Athletic Meet

After 2 consecutive years of cancellations of Sports Day amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, the Annual Atheltic Meet 2022-2023 of the Hong Kong Chinese Women’s Club College was held successfully on the 8th and 29th of November. This year, on the vibrant sports ground we saw enthusiastic student-athletes and heard loud cheers coming from the four houses. The overall champion was Emerald House, winning for six consecutive years.

For S6 students, this was their last chance to strive for excellent results for their houses after a long pause of our Annual Athletic Meets due to the government’s policies of Covid-19 pandemic prevention. Many of the students signed up for a maximum of 2 events. For junior students, this was their first time participating in the Annual Athletic Meet in their secondary school life. As a consequence we all felt exciting vibes on these two days, which were even more intense when compared to Sports Days before the pandemic.

What’s unique about the Annual Athletic Meet of our school is the diversified tasks done by different students. This way, not only did the students get the chance to compete with one another, but they could also take up some duties as they wished. Most of the student helpers found it exciting to offer help. For example, the announcers of Sports Day also had to take up the role of sports commentators. Exciting as it was, the announcers got nervous when they had to comment on the track events while many athletes were competing without prior preparation.

Our school Althletic Meet was marked by many personal triumphs and examples of endurance and the spirit of honourable competition. Some of many memorable highlights included theose events where teachers and parents participated. Regardless of whether they won or lost, our students were ecstatic with Sports Day. After Sports Day, they posted on IG their pictures during the race. They all hope they can strive for excellence in the future.


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