Space Hong Kong (1A17)

日期: 09/04/2019

Good morning everyone, I am Alan from class 1A. Today I am going to introduce a book on the topic of geography to all of you. Space Hong Kong is a book about urban planning and design, architecture, society and so much more. You may ask why these topics are related to us? The answer is that a well-designed public space or superior urban planning can serve more areas for environmental use and satisfaction. It can also help our mental health. In a stressful place like Hong Kong, around one in six Hong Kong people may develop common mental disorders is estimated. Regular exposure to green space can reduce the stress that we feel every day. So, as you can see better public space has many benefits as it is consequential. The benefits comprise the attraction of tourism, business investments, encourage volunteerism and even improve the environment.

This book is about urban experiments carried out by the Hong Kong Building Council and Hong Kong Public space initiative. It documents the outcomes of the investigations and a lot of interesting articles about sustainable living and neighbourhoods. The objective of this project was to raise public awareness about the importance of our populace realm and to demonstrate ways to explain and interpret public space design. It will foster more creative and environmentally friendly public space design. So now you know how critical urban planning and development are to you and our society. I highly recommend this book to all of you. I am sure this book will spark your interest. I will leave the rest of the book for you to discover.

That is the end of my sharing. Thank you.

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