Physics for Future President (2A21)

日期: 13/11/2018

Today I am going to share a book to all of you.It’s name is Physics for future President

The book is divided into five chapters, terrorism, energy, nuclear weapons, space, global warming

The chapter I am most interested in is the discussion of the 9/11 incident in terrorism. Al-Qaeda’s 9/11 terrorist attacks shocked the world, but what many people did not know was that the collapse of the World Trade Center was caused by the burning of jet fuel. The design of the building was good, so even if the plane crashed, most of the remaining pillars were enough to support the building, but the fuel burned in the building to release high temperatures, making the World Trade Steel fragile and the building collapsed. The carbon bud spore bioterrorism in the week after 9/11 caused panic at the time. The terrorists put the caries spores in envelopes and sent them to the news media and senators. Each envelope was filled with enough to kill millions of people, but why did this action kill only five people? Because the suspension time of the caries spores in air is actually so short that the ability to spread is very poor, it does not make this action a great tragedy.

With regard to the most important energy source for human beings, oil, I believe that everyone has some questions. Why is the oil used up quickly and the price has not soared? The news often says that it can replace the energy of petroleum, and the technology is more advanced, but why not see them being widely used in our lives? It turns out that the OPEC(Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries) joint ventures do not allow oil prices to rise. They say that the Western economy is still alive, but most experts believe that when oil prices rise to a certain level, there will be many alternative energy sources. So, isn’t the oil in the exporting country bought? As for alternative energy sources, the most familiar one is solar power generation. The biggest obstacle to solar power generation is that the battery is too expensive. After calculation by professionals, it is found that the average electricity is more economical. In addition to solar energy, hydrogen fuel is also very promising. The energy of hydrogen is higher than that of petroleum. The disadvantage is that it takes up a lot of space, so it has not been widely used yet, but hydrogen energy is still very forward-looking.

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