The Husky and His White Cat Shizun (1A02)

日期: 01/06/2023

Hello everyone, today I‘m going to talk about a book I’ve just read recently. It’s called The Husky and His White Cat Shizun. It has an amazing plot, and the climax is very touching. So, today I’m going to share this book with you. This story is about a boy named Moran who gets reincarnated into his younger self. Do you know what reincarnated means? It means that he dies and comes back to life in another body.


Moran gets reincarnated into his younger self, who is 16 years old, and avoids making the same mistakes he made in his past life. He is still arrogant and loathes righteous people who always rush to help others. He is confident, mischievous, and cheeky, but he is sweet to the people he cherishes and likes to act spoiled in front of them. During this life, Moran begins to regret what he did in his past life. He starts to listen to his companion Shizun and be nicer to him. In the climax of the story, Moran dies and leaves his companion alone. They have both just escaped from the prison and are staying in an old wooden hut for shelter. This is sad but touching. It is because of the things Shizun does to prevent Moran from dying. He prepares porridge for him in the hope that Moran will wake up from a coma. Shizun stays by his side every second, but in the end, his effort is in vain, and Moran died a peaceful death at the age of 24. This makes Shizun regret how harshly he treated Moran at the beginning and realize how much Moran cared about him. This book lets us know we should cherish the people who care about us.


My favourite character in this book is Moran. In this story, he sacrifices himself in order to protect Shizun from the attack of the prison guards and escape from the prison. It shows that he is a selfless person. In the story, he also falls in love with his one and only companion even after he has been reincarnated. This shows that he is a very faithful person.


I think that we can learn a lot from this book. In the book, Moran and his companion both regret what they did in the past. This tells us that we should be cautious. Besides, we should also be grateful to the people that care about us, or else we’ll regret, just like the characters in the book.

This is the end of my sharing thank you.

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