日期: 15/05/2018

Title: Food and Nutrition
Author: Anita Tull
Publisher: Oxford University Press

M: Good morning principal, teachers and fellow students. I am Lui Sze Ka from 3C.

W: I am Yau Wing Yee, Winyee from 3B.

M: Hey Winyee, why don’t you eat vegetables in your lunch?

W: I hate vegetables. I love meat only. Meat is yummy!

M: That’s terrible. You should not only eat meat. You should have a balance diet.

Food provides all the necessary nutrients to enable our body to grow. Our bodies need the molecules in food to function properly and to stay healthy. They are called nutrients. Each nutrient is vital to life. Our health will suffer if any one nutrient is in short supply.

W: Oh, really? How do you know that?

M: I just read a book called ’Food and Nutrition’. It is about the importance of consuming a balanced diet and explains what food we need to eat in order to maintain good health.

W: If I want to be tall, what shouldI eat?

M: According to this book, you should eat food that is rich in proteins and calcium. Protein is vital for the growth, repair and maintenance of our body. Meat, fish, milk are rich in protein. On the other hand, calcium reacts with phosphorus to produce calcium phosphate which is the main element that gives hardness and strength to bones. For example, milk, cheese, etc.

W: Oh! This book sounds great. Can you let me have a look?

M: Sure!

W: This book is worth reading! It is written in a clear and concise way. It teaches us the functions of different nutrients and how to develop a healthy diet. Also, it illustrates some of the bad effects of having an unbalanced diet. I think the information is beneficial to students who are studying Home Economics and Biology.

M: Yes, I agree!

W: This book let us have a chance to learn more about the importance  of a balance diet. Nowadays, people don’t care a lot about their diet since they are all very busy with their works. If they keep on having an unbalanced diet, they may suffer from some serious diseases such as obesity, stroke and diabetes. I think this book should even be recommended to the wider public in order to help them develop a healthy life.

M: Yup, most people nowadays often eat in restaurants. The food they eat contains a lot of salt and preservatives which are not healthy for their bodies.

W: Yes,I agree. If you are interested in reading this book, you may borrow it in public libraries.

All: This is the end of our book sharing. Thank you!

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