Drawing for Beginners (5B15)

日期: 18/10/2022

Art Book Sharing by 5B Kelvin Chan Cheuk Kwan


Good morning everyone. I am Kelvin Chan from 5B.


Are you interested in drawing, but don’t know how to draw well? This book, Drawing for Beginners, translated by Asensio Cerver, Francisco, can definitely help you.


Firstly, the book introduces the materials we need, and also some basic techniques we have to use while drawing. For materials, drawing tools ranging from monochromatic instruments such as pencils to coloured tools such as markers, and different types of paper are mentioned. Then, topics related to our Visual Art lessons are discussed. They include basic parts about different strokes, drawing lines, composition, which means the placing of objects, and perspectives.


The next parts are more advanced, which definitely can help us improve our drawing skills. It first illustrates how to draw humans. We should first draw the body shape, which includes portions of the body, and also different body parts, and then the face. Have you tried drawing a person, but when you ask others, many fail to recognize who the person is? I sometimes face this problem too. However, this book teaches us how to draw the details and features of a human face, such as our eyes, nose and even eyebrows, which enables us to draw more realistic portraits. After that, it teaches us how to draw landscapes and animals through step by step guidelines, which are quite useful.


The book ends with some analyses of how different artists, such as Leonardo da Vinci, created certain pieces of drawing.


The advanced skills from the book helped me a lot in improving my drawing skills. To conclude, the book is definitely a good place to start if you are getting into drawing.


This is the end of my sharing. Thank you.

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