Be Our Guest (5D)

日期: 23/03/2023

Tourism and Hospitality Studies Book Sharing (23/03/2023)



Elvis: Good morning principal, teachers and schoolmates. I’m Fan Hung Chun Elvis from Class 5D.


Josie:  I’m Chan Cheuk Lam Josie from Class 5D.


~Music: A whole new world


Elvis: Josie, have you heard this music before?


Josie: Of course!  I hear it every time when I arrive at the entrance of Disneyland. This brings back a lot of good memories.


Elvis: Today, Josie and I are delighted to introduce a book named "Be Our Guest" by the Disney Institute.


Josie: This book is an insightful examination of the strategies and techniques used by Disney to provide exceptional customer service and hospitality.


Elvis: We believe that the ideas presented in this book are not only relevant to the hospitality industry but also have broader implications for businesses and organisations that value excellent customer service.


Josie: In our presentation, we will discuss the key themes and ideas in the book and provide examples that illustrate how these concepts can be applied to a range of industries.


Elvis: One of the key themes of the book is creating a welcoming environment. Disney is known for creating a magical atmosphere that makes guests feel like they are part of a special experience.


Josie: Yes, and Disney does this through careful attention to details. For instance, the book describes how the parks are designed to create an immersive environment that feels like a different world.


Elvis: The most obvious way that Disney creates their magical ambiance is through music.


Josie: Using Hong Kong Disneyland as an example, they will play various movies and original songs that match the theme of that specific area to enhance the visitor‘s immersive experience.


Elvis: Another way that Disney creates a welcoming environment is through its use of scents. The book explains how Disney uses different smells to create specific moods and emotions.


Josie: That’s right. One of the examples is the scent of baking cookies on Main Street. It is used to create a feeling of warmth and happiness.


Elvis: Disney also empowers its employees to go above and beyond for guests. This means that employees are trained to be problem solvers and to think creatively to make guests happy.


Josie: In fact, the book provides examples of employees who have gone out of their way to make guests happy. For instance, when a little girl lost her stuffed animal at the park, the employees found the stuffed animal and even took pictures of it "enjoying" the park before returning it to the little girl.


Elvis: Another key theme of the book is the importance of creating a culture of excellence. Disney sets high standards for its employees and encourages them to strive for excellence in everything they do.


Josie: This means that employees are not just focused on providing good customer service, but on creating magical experiences for guests.


Elvis: One way that Disney creates a culture of excellence is by recognizing and rewarding exceptional performance. The book describes how Disney uses a variety of incentive programs to motivate employees to excel.


Josie: And finally, the book emphasises the importance of innovation and creativity. Disney is constantly looking for new ways to provide exceptional customer

service and hospitality.


Elvis: This means that Disney is always experimenting with new ideas and strategies, and is not afraid to take risks to improve the guest experience.


Josie: In conclusion, "Be Our Guest" is an excellent book that provides valuable insights into how Disney creates exceptional customer service and hospitality.


Elvis: We hope that we have provided you with a better understanding of the key themes and ideas presented in the book and how they can be applied to a range of industries.


Josie: We believe that the concepts presented in the book are relevant to any occupation that values excellent customer service and hospitality.


Elvis: At last, we wish you all to chase your dreams successfully. When you wish upon a star dreamers do come true.


Josie: Laughter is timeless. Imagination has no age, and dreams are forever. So go out there and chase your dreams, and don’t let anything stand in your way!


Elvis: This is the end of our book presentation.Thank you.

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