’Emotions! Making sense of your feelings! (5D05)

日期: 13/10/2022

Good morning everyone.


Today I’m going to share a book named ’Emotions! Making sense of your feelings!’ written by Mary Lamia. Have you ever felt anxious? Anxiety, fear, shame etc. are emotions that we usually have. In the book , the writer describes different emotions in different chapters. The descriptions include the reason for feeling that emotion, the effect of that emotion and the way to treat that emotion appropriately


Emotions are always described positively or negatively based on how they let us feel. However, the writer has different views on it. The writer thinks the emotions that are regarded as negative can also be positive when it enables us to protect ourselves. Therefore, the writer concludes that the impressions on emotions do not necessarily be true. I think it is the most interesting part in this book as it introduces a new idea that I have never thought of before. Based on this conclusion, the writer introduces some ways to cope with some negative emotions, such as making friend with anxiety, and having faith in a hopeless situation. It is thought-provoking that while most people tell us to escape from the negative emotions, the book teaches us to coexist with these negative emotions.


As human beings, we will suffer from emotional problems. The book reminds me that I should not be afraid of negative emotions and I learnt how to cope with them.


For instance, It is easy for us to envy others. They are better at socialising or following fashion trends, these things may make us envy and we may try to harm their reputation behind their backs. However, what the book has taught me is to use the feeling of envy to motivate us to achieve what the person we envied has possessed. It is an understatement to say that I seldom envy others, but from now on, I will have a better use of my envy feelings.


Without a doubt, I will recommend this book to my schoolmates. The extraordinary part of being human is that we have emotions. As teenagers, we may get confused or lose control of our emotions. We may feel anxious about our appearance, studies, and relationships. After reading this book,  I realise that all of our emotions are valuable, I should learn to accept them and make good use of them.


This is the end of my book sharing. Thank you.

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