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Year End Review

Date: 14/07/2017

Good morning everyone,

Today is the last school day of this academic year 2016-2017.  Teachers have been working very hard to put our education theme “Fostering proactive learning and values in a caring community” into practice. They have led our students to participate in many external activities and competitions and won a lot of prizes. They also organized study tours to Shenzhen and Japan this year and some students are going to Tainan later this month. Thank you, teachers and students for your concerted effort.

We held a great event, our school band 30th anniversary concert, at the City Hall on 4th July, 2017. It was really a good show and a memorable one. The hall was filled with rounds of applause and praise. Without the collaborative effort and active involvement of teachers, students, parents and alumni, the concert would not have been so successfully held. Thank you, teachers and students for your collaborative effort.

This year, our S.6 students got good HKDSE exam results. The average subject pass rate is 99.7%. The average subject rate of attaining Level 4 or above is 71.6%. The top student got six 5**s and one 5* in 7 subjects. I would like to thank teachers for their effort to help students prepare for the HKDSE exam.

The second term and annual exam results have been displayed in the covered playground. Do have a look. You will soon receive your report card from your class teachers. Do have your self-reflection and think about if you have tried hard to prepare for your exam. You should catch up with your work during the summer vacation. The harder you try, the greater chance you have to meet the minimum university entrance requirement. Actually all students should make good use of the holiday, keep a good reading and learning habit and maintain good conduct.

Five teachers are going to retire in the next academic year. First, it is our English teacher, Mrs. CHENG. Mrs. CHENG has been teaching in our school for 27 years. Not only is she being our English teacher, she has also been the English Debating Club and the SA Newspaper teacher-in-charge.

Second, it is our Chinese teacher, Mrs. FUNG. She has been teaching in our school for 26 years. She is also the SA Newspaper teacher-in-charge and helps liaison with primary schools.

Third, it is our founding teacher Mr. Hung, our PE Panel Convener, ECA Master and teacher-in-charge of SA and community involvements. He is a keen coordinator of many school performances. Mr. Hung has been teaching in our school for 39 years. Mr. Hung teaches all boys in school and many alumni alike. His successor is our Mathematics teacher Mr. Alan Wong. Our PE teacher Miss WONG will be the new PE Panel Convener in the coming academic year.

Fourth, it is our Computer Panel Convener Mr. Lau. He has been teaching in our school for 34 years. Mr. Lau helps the IT Committee operate the SAMS system and print student reports in school. Mr. Pang will be the new Computer Panel Convener in the coming academic year.

Fifth, it is our Discipline Mistress and Chinese History teacher Mrs. Lo. Actually the total number of years of service of Mrs. Lo in our school is 34 and a half years. Her working attitude is serious. She loves our students though she gave them punishment. The successor of Mrs. Lo, our new Discipline Mistress, is our Music Panel Convener Miss Chui.

All the retired teachers are well-experienced, devoted to teaching and caring for our students. I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude for their dedicated effort over the past years of service. Thank you, Mrs. CHENG, Mrs. FUNG, Mr. HUNG, Mr. LAU and Mrs. LO. Wish you all the best and a happy retirement life in the future.

Our English and CME teacher Mr. TSUI is going to leave us next year. Mr. Tsui is a hardworking and caring teacher. Actually he is our alumnus and I would like to express my sincere gratitude for his effort in teaching and caring for students in the past 13 years. Thank you Mr. Tsui and wish you every success in the future.

Another two teachers, our Mathematics teacher Mr. CHENG and English teacher Miss LOK will also leave us after this academic year. I would like to thank them for their effort in teaching and wish them all the best in the future.

In closing, I would like to thank all staff, teachers, non-teaching staff, janitors and students who have helped us all the time throughout the year. Without their help, the school could not have been run so smoothly.

Lastly, wish you all a wonderful and fruitful summer holiday. Thank you.

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