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Year End Review

Date: 16/07/2019

Good morning everyone,

Last night we had a great and fantastic Variety Show!  Over 350 participants, teachers, students, parents and alumni were involved in our 40th anniversary Variety Show.  I am proud of our students’ talents and their perseverance during the rehearsals.  Round applause and praise were heard everywhere in the Jockey Club auditorium.  The show was professionally run and it was the grand product of the collaborative effort of teachers, students, parents and alumni. Thanks to all our staff and the participants for their great effort for the wonderful performance.  They had put a memorable and perfect ending to our 40th anniversary year.  Perseverance, encouragement and team spirit are the keys to success.  I would like these virtues of HKCWCC to be extolled forever.

Today is the last school day of this academic year 2018-2019.  Throughout the year, teachers have been working very hard to put our education theme “Advancing into a New Era with Knowledge and Perseverance” into practice. They have led our students to participate in many external activities and competitions and won a lot of prizes.  Thank you, teachers, for your concerted effort and students, for your active participation.

This year, our S.6 students got very good HKDSE exam results. The average subject pass rate is 99.8%. The average subject rate of attaining Level 4 or above is 79.4%. The top student got six 5**s and one 5* in 7 subjects.  The rate of students attaining ‘33222’ is 96.7%, which has broken the school record.  I would like to thank teachers for their effort to help students prepare for the HKDSE exam.

The second term and annual exam results have been displayed in the covered playground. Do have a look. You will soon receive your report card from your class teachers. Do have your self-reflection and think about if you have tried hard to prepare for your exam. You should try your best to catch up with your work and read more quality books during the summer vacation. Actually, all students should make good use of the holiday, keep a good reading and learning habit and maintain good conduct.

Four teachers are going to leave us in the next academic year. First, it is our English teacher, Mrs. CHAN. Mrs. CHAN has been teaching in our school for 14 years. Not only is she being our English teacher, she has also been the Guidance and CME teacher.  She is devoted to teaching and caring for students all the time.

Second, it is our ICT Panel Convener Mr. Pang.  Mr. Pang has been teaching in our school for 24 years.  He is the Chairman of the IT Committee, promoting e-learning and making use of software to help teachers and facilitate much of the school’s administrative work.

Third, it is our Discipline Mistress and Music teacher, Ms. Chui. She has been teaching in our school for 12 years.  She takes care of the School Choir, School Band and Music Club.  She is devoted to teaching and initiated exchange tours for the Band.  Our new Discipline Master succeeding Ms. Chui is Mr. Ng.

Fourth, it is our English teacher Miss Tse.  She helps organise CYC activities and publish the SA Newspaper.

I would like to thank the 4 teachers for their effort in teaching and caring for our students.  I wish them good health and all the best in the future.

I am going to retire next academic year.  I have been working in HKCWCC for 36 years and including 12 years of principalship.  I have tried to provide students with various other learning experiences and I believe there is room for improvement in our life-wide learning activities.  Actually, I am delighted to see your happy faces in the school premise, no matter when you are having your PE lesson or lunchtime concert, attending lessons and playing ball games.  That’s my great reward.  As in the lyrics of our school song, we are happy to be in HKCWCC.  It should be your seat of learning and good actions spring.  As I have a team of dedicated teachers and staff and smart and nice students, I am proud of being the Principal of HKCWCC, and I hope you are also proud of being a student of HKCWCC.

Remember my three sayings: First, you can if you try; second, better languages, better future; third, the blue sky is always there. Be positive.

In closing, I would like to thank all staff, teachers, non-teaching staff, janitors and students who have offered us great help throughout the years. Without their help, the school could not have been run so smoothly and successfully for so many years.  As a token of thanks for my farewell, I have ordered ice-cream cups and cones and will distribute them to all staff and students after the distribution of report cards.  Please enjoy the ice-cream in the classroom.

Lastly, wish you all a wonderful and fruitful summer holiday. HKCWCC will always be in my heart. Thank you.

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