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Principal’s Message

Date: 31/05/2018

Good morning everyone,

Today is the last day of May. We have just experienced the second hottest May in Hong Kong since 1963 and the very hot weather warning signal has been issued for 14 consecutive days, which is a new Hong Kong record. Though terribly hot weather we have, we have achieved many pleasing results in external competitions. As seen in the last prize-giving ceremony, our Girls Table Tennis Team won the Grade B Championship and was the Grade A 1st runner-up in the Inter-School Table Tennis Competition. We were also the 1st runner-up in other inter-school competitions, namely the Final Event of the 35th Hong Kong Mathematics Olympiad, the 2017/2018 Hong Kong GreenMech Contest, Secondary School Nutritive Chef Competition 2018 and RSP Foot Drill Competition.

In addition, our biology students have just got the second place in the Hydroponics Competition. Besides these, our students won many prizes in the Speech Festival, Music Festival and Athletic Events this year. For more details, you can browse the Students Achievements in our school website. Congratulations to all winners! I’d like to thank teachers and students concerned for their dedicated effort for these achievements.

I’d like to share with you two pieces of good news here.

First, one of our alumni, a 2012 DSE graduate Au Chun Ming received the Student Innovative Award in the prize-giving ceremony of the HKICT Awards 2018 on 5th April, 2018. Currently studying a Master degree programme in HKUST, he and his computer engineering classmate have invented a mobile application that could easily transpose a user’s humming tune into a digital music track. You could also add harmonies and background music on top of the said created track. Actually the Government has funded and will provide more resources in scientific researches and computer engineering products. If you are interested in these fields, do pay more attention to the respective news.

Second, regarding our school redevelopment project NOVA, the Chairman of Fung Yiu King Charitable Foundation Ltd., Dr. Patrick FUNG, has proposed a generous donation of HKD10 million to us, which can greatly help make our redevelopment a wonderful reality. In particular, the donor intends to make this donation a tribute to the memory of his late mother Mrs. Fung Ng Yip Shing; in turn the said building will be named after her, Fung Ng Yip Shing Education Building (馮吳業承教學大樓). To raise the HKD25 million top up funding needed for the redevelopment we are grateful for the dedicated efforts of our school sponsoring body, our IMC, alumni, parents, teachers and students. We have now raised a total of 16 million dollars. However, we still have much to do and need continued support from our stakeholders.

I’d like to share with you the speech delivered by the Executive Chairman of Alibaba, Jack Ma, on the Honorary Degrees Congregation Ceremony in HKU. He was conferred the Doctor of Social Sciences. In his short but very inspiring speech, he said:

“I’ve been trying to enter university many times, and I failed three times. I never thought in my dreams to become a PhD and of honour. But I did work very hard – I just failed examinations again and again. And my story tells that those people who work very hard but fail again and again, don’t give up. Someday, a great university like Hong Kong University is waiting for you.”

“A real entrepreneur not only knows how to make money, but how to spend money. And we do not live for money, we do not work for money. When you have $1 million, that’s your money. When you have $10 million, maybe the problem comes. When you have $100 million, I think that is not your money. That’s the trust the society gives to you – that they believe you can spend the money better, you can use the money better. Real business people make money by solving social problems for the others.”

Ma thinks that among all the challenges, the most challenging thing is about education. He said we have to teach our kids to beat machines. To his belief, machines will never be able to win, because machines only have the chips but humans have passion. In the future, it’s not a competition of knowledge. It’s a competition of creativity, imagination, learning and independent thinking. If you want to learn more from his speech, you can browse the website of the University of Hong Kong.

Lastly, the second term exam starts next Monday. I hope you can learn from Jack Ma to work very hard. I believe you can have better results to be promoted in the next academic year.

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