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Principal’s Message

Date: 29/01/2019

Good morning everyone,

Three big events celebrating our school’s 40th anniversary were successfully held in the first term, namely the Walkathon on 15th November, the Speech Day cum Parade on 13th December and the Athletic Meet on 17th and 19th December. Thanks for the active participation of all students, especially the four uniform groups for their excellent performance on showing our school spirit in the parade. I would like to express my gratitude to all teachers, non-teaching staff, uniform groups and student helpers for their concerted efforts.

This year a stall will again be put up at the lunar new year fair at Victoria Park by our BAFS and Econ students.  Their stall no. is 40, near the Causeway Bay MTR Exit E, and it will be open from 30th January to 4th February.  Please do pay a visit to their stall and support them with your family.

The Open Day and Variety Show will be held in the second term. I hope you can show your spirit again by taking an active part in these two events. After the lunar year holidays, we will invite some S1 and/or S2 students to help arrange a number-40 logo in the open playground for the Open Day publication.

Last Saturday morning, I attended the Future Stars 2018 – Upward Mobility Scholarship Ceremony with our two awardees 4D NG Kai Ling and 4C HO Hoi Tung. The Guest of Honour Mr. Matthew Cheung, the Chief Secretary for Administration, encouraged students in his speech to have perseverance in their work and studies as the Scholarship is not awarded to those who got good academic results, but to those who can demonstrate resilience in the face of adversity. The objective of the Scholarship is very clear and important. I would advise you here to learn to pursue your goals through hard work and perseverance.

In this academic year, our school joined the Sister School Scheme with Zheng Zhong Jun Zhong Xue 鄭中鈞中學, which is a famous school located in Zhengcheng District of Guangzhou 廣州市增城區. Mrs. Zheng is the school founder. She is 101 years old now and actually she visited our school and was one of our guests in our 40th anniversary speech day cum parade. Four teachers and I paid a friendly visit to our sister school last Tuesday and we signed an agreement with them. So, in the coming years, exchange activities of teachers and students can be arranged with our Sister School. We also observed a senior secondary three Biology lesson that morning. There were 50 students in the class and each student was provided with an iPad for learning. They were very attentive, disciplined and worked diligently for preparing for their public exam.

Most of its school buildings followed the design of the Hakka’s style. There were many open bookshelves along the corridors, on which different types of books were put. Students were free to enjoy reading books in the school premises at any time. They would put back the books to the shelves after reading. This is exactly an outdoor open library. I highly appreciate their setting for cultivating students’ reading habits.

Lastly, I’d like to announce a piece of good news here. Two of our students 6D YAM Wing Yi and 4D NG Kai Ling were selected as 2018-2019 Ten Eastern District Outstanding Youths.  They will receive the awards in early March. Congratulations!

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